University Mazda

Full Synthetic Oil Change


Includes engine oil & oil filter change with OEM approved oil up to 5 qts. Price may be higher for some models.

University Mazda

Tire Maintenance Special


Includes tire rotation, wheel balance, and four-wheel alignment.

University Mazda

Wild Card

Savings Up To

10% Off
15% Off
20% Off
University Mazda

1 Year Alignment Special


Includes up to 4 free adjustments over a 12 month period, does not cover impacts or outside influencers.

University Mazda

Battery Check & OEM Savings

10% OFF

Includes: Complimentary battery check and 10% OFF OEM battery purchase.

University Mazda

Factory Savings

$20 OFF

Save on any factory recommended maintenance.

University Mazda

Brake Service Special

$25 OFF per axle

Front or rear brake pads and rotors.

University Mazda

Transmission Fluid Special

15% Off

Transmission drained and fluid replaced factory approved transmission fluid. Inspection of transmission housing, seals, and cooler lines for leaks.

University Mazda

Wiper Blades

15% Off

Receive 15% OFF wiper blades.

University Mazda

High Mileage Savings

10% Off

10% off repairs for vehicles with over 100K miles.

University Mazda

Spring A/C Refresh


Includes A/C recharge, clean A/C ducts, and replace cabin air filter.

University Mazda

Pollen Air Filter


Includes installation of a brand new pollen air filter to ensure clean air is being circulated through your vehicle’s cabin.

University Mazda

Engine Air Filter


Includes installation of a brand new engine air filter to ensure dirt or any harmful particles aren’t entering your engine.

University Mazda

Digital Multi-Point Inspection


Bring your vehicle in for a Multi-Point Inspection at NO CHARGE. From inspecting belts and hoses to checking tire pressure and battery terminals, our Certified Technicians will make sure your vehicle is in great shape. Includes video inspection.